Sustainability is the Key component of all Samabhavana society activities and all our programmes have interwoven the factor of sustainability in its deliverables.

Sustainability is seen in two ways Programmatic and Financial.

The plan is to develop sustainable initiatives derived from the in-house strengths of each team member, that ensures financial input into the core programs and administration, so as to ensure that the project costs are not burdened and Samabhavana becomes self sufficient and can create the unique & delicate balance of sustainability.

Samabhavana has developed various initiatives that are being introduced to Corporates.

We have developed a five year plan to get in at least 50% of our financial needs from such programs and being an NGO we shall also constantly keep seking support of Donors/ Philanthropists and Corporates

Samabhavana's key Sustainability Initiatives:

Safety- A Part of Work Culture- Gender Neutral (Anti Sexual Harassment Trainings and Cell     Development)
Safe Guarding Your Children (Child Protection training for Working Parents)
Cuppa... Dil Se
Astitva: Specially designed events based on Art & Culture