Guide us towards these accomplishment of our vision

Integration rather than differentiation

By involving and sensitizing the society towards the stigmatized issues, thereby making the social environment more conducive to live and co exist for all.

Creating safe environment

Developing a full-fledged center for underprivileged/ discriminated/ stigmatized persons as well as from different strata of society to help them will deal with their issues by way of Counseling, Advocacy and Crisis Management.

Human Rights and Advocacy

Archaic laws protecting abusers of power, allowing interruption of childhood, ignoring violence within family, criminalizing alternate sexualities need to be repealed and a new set of laws need to be ushered in giving legal recognition to DIGNITY IN LIFE.

Building International Bridges

Of Friendship by learning from the international experiences in this struggle, we create rich experience bank to help us on our mission. We also forge alliances with international organizations for financial and knowledge support .

Cultural Activities

We will use the most effective medium of Art, Media and Culture to communicate with our target groups and more the mainstream Society for awareness, sensitisation and advocacy