Whether you are a student or a working professional, the internship programme enrolls you as not just an intern for a short period of time, but enables you to become a part of every step that we take towards ensuring engaging with our projects and work, primarily in the area of the rights of (Male) child; even after your internship period is completed.

The programme gives you a chance to explore and contribute towards the important aspects of running the organisation. You can choose to be a part of activities ranging from Public Mobilization, Research & Analysis, Field Exposures, IT tool development, Documentation to Piloting Project ideas, learning the ropes of Human Resources, Organizing events or even putting into action you're Media Advocacy Skills.

Samabhavana internships give you an opportunity to:

1. Choose your stream of work based on your skills and interests
2. Put into practice and deepen your knowledge on developmental issues
3. Develop a more grounded understanding of rights issues in the Indian context
4. Participate in issue-based advocacy, take up research projects and dabble with the     operational aspects of developmental work
5. Strengthen, scale up and build volunteer programmes
6. Transform yourself into a committed change-maker through our Internship programmes

The internship programmes do not offer a stipend or salary, however the incidental expenses incurred during the programme may be reimbursed based on policy, but what we assure is a certification of appreciation and experience and moreover to add value, challenges and spirit back in to your mundane lives.

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