• HAI – Healthy Adolescents Initiative

    A strategic alliance between Health Care Providers and Adolescent children for providing health linkages that are of high Quality and moreover Consistent Health Care. The project is to streamline the health care access of the under privileged, marginalized adolescents in ‘E’ ward of Brihan Mumbai Mahanagar Palika (BMC) high schools by way of quarterly health check up in an academic year and 55 Private Schools in Mumbai.
  • SMILE- Students Mastering Important Life-Skills Education Program

    SMILE is based on the UN MILLENIUM DEVELOPMENT GOALS AND COMPANY BILL 2012, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, objective 3, 4 and 5. SMILE is 5 years partnership between Samabhavana Society (ISO Certified NGCBO based in Mumbai), CSR initiatives that will benefit school children from 1st till 10th standards. It is created to fulfill the life skills educational gap.

    Smile Module is composed as an answer for three target populations children, parents and School administration on four main topics: Child Protection, Gender Issues, Responsible Behavior as well as Puberty and Healthcare Education (Basics of Human Anatomy and Physiology of Puberty, HIV/STI’s, Pregnancy and Contraception). We are completely devoted to the care, safety and protection of all children attending public and private schools.

  • CSR Advisory Services

    Samabhavana offers a wide range of comprehensive CSR advisory services which are useful to organizations of all types- big or small, private or public, etc.

    These include:
      CSR Intelligence
      Stakeholder Management
      CSR Strategy and Policy
      Employee Engagement
      Cause Related Marketing
      Social Events

  • Cuppa – Dil Se

    Samabhavana’s innovative project Cuppa…Dil Se, is a CSR project to ensure delivery of the National Policy for Persons with Disabilities, primarily: Educational Rehabilitation including vocational training and Economic Rehabilitation for a dignified life in society. Cuppa…Dil se, will employ Youth who are differently abled ( Deaf & Mute) for making and serving Cuppa; This encompasses an aspect of Corporate Social Responsibility which is the core component of the initiative, when a company chooses Cuppa…Dil Se, as its tea vendor, it provides employability and most important integration of the specially-able youth, that will build their confidence and they are not left with the feeling of standing at the periphery of society.