Healthy Adolescents Initiatives is strategic alliance between Health Care Providers and Adolescent children for providing health linkages that are of high Quality and moreover Consistent Health Care and will be sustainable via the PPP model.

The project is to streamline the health care access of the under privileged, marginalized adolescents in 53 schools of 'E' ward of Brihan Mumbai Mahanagar Palika (BMC) high schools by way of quarterly health check up in an academic year School health Camps.


To ensure that each and every child leads a disease/infection free life and is a Healthy Adolescent.


To increase continuum of health care facilities to the student community of Brihan Mumbai Mahanagar Palika and Private Schools in Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai

Aim :

• To provide doorstep health check up quarterly in one academic year,
• To provide data on better health management of students to parents.

Rationale :

The Program is simple in terms of deliverables as its goal is to Provide Quality Affordable Consistent Health care for the underprivileged, marginalized adolescents in BMC schools section of the society.

Strategy :

To conduct quarterly health camps in BMC & Private Schools to create awareness of Healthy lifestyles and to diagnose any medical condition at an early stage, Counsel on how to add healthy nutritional quality to our daily existing food diet that's cost effective.