Samabhavana offers a wide range of comprehensive CSR advisory services which are useful to organizations of all types- big or small, private or public, etc.

Corporate Policy Development
Corporate Fund Management
  • 1. Safety- A Part of Work Culture- Gender Neutral ( Anti Sexual Harassment Trainings and Cell Development)

    A Special Training Tool on Anti Sexual Harassment by Samabhavana Society on Gender Neutrality for Corporations and PSUs. The 3 core elements of the Sexual Harassment at workplace training are Conduct, Behavior and Action. Samabhavana, being a registered NGO under the Societies Act, can be on the board for Sexual Harassment at Workplace and facilitate the formation of 'Sexual Harassment at work place' Policy.

      Safety- A Part of Work Culture- Gender Neutral ( Anti Sexual Harassment Trainings and Cell Development
      Safe Guarding Your Children (Child Protection training for Working Parents)
      Cause Marketing /Social Events
      Volunteer Engagement Programme
      Diversity & Inclusivity Training
      Corporate Policy Development
      Corporate Fund Management
      Other CSR advisory services
      NGO Consultancy

    The training module would be at the following levels:

    • Management Training
    • Employee Training
    • Vendor Training

  • 2. Safe Guarding Your Children (Child Protection training for Working Parents)

    Shouldn't Parents be responsible for the protection of children besides expecting it from teachers and school management? This program is specially designed for working parents on dealing with day to day issues of Child Management. These skills include primarily train your child to be aware and to talk to you without any fear or worry and acting with confidence and setting clear boundaries, etc.

    This is a 'Parents' only session, parents are given time and space to ask questions and discuss their questions and concerns. Parents will find the workshop useful even when they have children from the age groups of 0-18 years old.

  • 3. Cause Marketing/ Events

    Samabhavana's experience in varied social development thematic areas, provides you with a thoughtful insight for cause marketing a specialized process.

    We help you with planning and executing a socially relevant activity and events that aligns your company or brand with a cause to create a campaign on responsible business, which gives the brand a positive social cause standing of being a responsible business brand for transformation and awareness as well creating a different image from regular commercial advertising.

    Social Events

    Samabhavana believes that 'Social Events' are the best way to reach out to the masses for raising awareness and funds. Social events involve event based fund raising and event based raising awareness about various causes. Samabhavana will assist in developing events around causes that are aligned with a company's vision and brand.

    Samabhavana would assist in the following way:

    • Developing the event concept.
    • Implementing the conceptualized event.
    • Reporting and Communications
    • Impact Assessment

  • 4. Volunteer Engagement Programme

    "The Highest of distinctions is service to others..."
    Employees, being a business' most important stakeholder need to be dealt on priority. It involves building and implementing:
    1. Employee Engagement Program
    2. Employee Fundraising Program.
  • 5. Diversity & Inclusivity Training

    Our Goal: To have a Diversity & Inclusivity Best Practices –related information in annual updates from the employees.

    Our Objective:

    1. To incorporate D&I in HR policies of companies
    2. To train both the top management and middle management of the company.

    Our Strategy:

     To have completed training on Inclusivity & Diversity to 80 Indian Traditional Corporates, PSUs, Multinationals and the

    larger Indian companies.

     To formalize training delivery to Top and Mid level
     To have team of TOT ready for phase II

    Our Output

    Incorporation of D&I in the HR Policy of at least 50% trained companies.