Samabhavana Society organized ASTITVA, The Art Festival was initiated in 2007 with student of Media, Fine arts from more than 35 colleges in Maharashtra and was an ongoing process till 2010, there after the concept evolved into creating a process as an Awareness Advocacy on Issues of Male Child Protection and culminated into Astitva The Art Quake (ATAQ), which was a Fund-raiser; that helped raise equity at four levels, Skills & Expertise, Youth Volunteers, Networking to Raise Awareness and to connect with the main stream society.

Astitva brought together art, culture and media to acknowledge, accept and express these concerns to a larger audience and invite partnerships from Corporates, Artists, Youth, Individuals and Mainstream society to pro-actively work towards increasing happiness index.

Astitva successfully reduced the gaps and barriers in bringing out the stigmatized and unspoken issues in the open and solutions to lessen the pain that humans cause to other humans from positions of Influence (of money, gender, social status )

Astitva is multidimensional in its theme, designed to inspire artistic curious minds- a platform for young artistic talent so as to generate interest in Male Child Protection, Gender, Sexuality, Human Rights through the medium of Art, Theatre, Film and allied fields of Media focused on bridging perceived gaps between Awareness and modes of creative expression ~ An amalgamation of young people who share similar passion for the Art and Culture.