Partnering Resources for India in Sustainable Movement (PRISM)

(PRISM) Partnering Resources for India in Sustainable Movement

PRISM has scheduled a Seminar on 30th of November 2012 for Corporates to share and discuss good case practices of Corporate Social Responsibility, network with key experts in CSR and to award companies having the biggest impact on society in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility activities.

PRISM is an initiative of Samabhavana Society. The objective of this initiative is to facilitate a dialogue between representatives of State, Civil society and Corporate sector in order to arrive at a shared understanding on key development focus areas and to identify bottlenecks.

A key topic in this dialogue is the practice of corporate social responsibility in India. One of the by-products of this process would be the emergence of a platform for ongoing interaction and coordination between stakeholders on specific, shared development - related concerns.

Enhancing relationships, facilitating dialogues and addressing critical needs, interest and concerns faced by all stakeholders is the prime objective of this initiative which will conclude with a Global Conference on 30th of Jan – 1st of Feb 2013.

The Global Conference 2013 will focus on creating a long term platform for ensuring the continuum of the process of developing a platform with members from Civil society, Corporates and Ministries to ensure the smooth flow of the progression of Partnering Resources for India in Sustainable Movement (PRISM).

The Global Conference will also form a forum to monitor progress of the above mentioned objectives on a continuous basis.
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