Mahipal Singh a Pillar of Strength, dedication and integrity

Mahipal was the first volunteer worker of Samabhavana, in year 2000 and to whose insistence and credit the entire program of Masseurs was initiated; he was wholly responsible for us to have conducted various studies in Mumbai and also to have commenced our work in Mathura.

Mahipal was very clear in perspective to not allow any young boy in the trade of massage, due to its various implications of HIV, substance abuse and mental health issues, he was the one who heralded the masseurs into our various programs and was the sole driving force for the masseur’s community.

Mahipal started as a volunteer worked with us till 2004 with any payment and from Hivos supported initiative he became the supervisor thereafter the coordinator and shortly the manager of Mathura Program, once he shifted after his marriage

Samabhavana lost its dearest and most cherished team member due to brain hemorrhage at the age of 25, and leaves behind a young wife of 19 and baby boy who was born 17 days after his death on 11th October 2009.

The Samabhavana Team pledges & assures you of our firm commitment to stop boys from entering the massage trade

Mahipal, we can never forget you, you live in all hearts forever

Thank you for sharing your lovely life with us.

Samabhavana Team.