Income Generation


Project Setu :
Samabhavana Societies Project Setu in Matura & Mumbai is based on Backward Integration of the Migrant Community of Masseurs, which builds capacities of the Adolescent Boys & Youth at the source to create income generation possibilities so as to reduce migration to Mumbai, the program includes Organic Farming, Dairy, Goatery, Vocational Skills training on Agro Based Business and Non Agro Based Initiatives, which is equally partnered by women for their skills development in 36 villages of 10 blocks of Mathura District and in Mumbai it will Integrate Vocational Skills building process for Rehabilitation of the Adolescent Boys and Youth from Massage Trade.
Urban Under Privileged Women and Youth :
In technical collaboration with Takshashila Development Services will develop process of dispersing small loans to Urban Under Privileged Women for income generation and also provide livelihood options for drop outs of 7th standard BMC schools through Soft and Vocational Skills Training.
Job placement for Boys & Youth :
Samabhavana is collaborating with Boys in job placement with V-SHESH

v-shesh is a Chennai based social enterprise that assists first-time job-seekers in rural / non-metro areas to reach out to jobs and women /youth in rural areas to generate supplemental income by selling relevant products or offering relevant services.

v-shesh provides staffing services (Livelihood Services) to organisations which hire entry level staff and provide execution support services to organisations (Market Access Services) which are looking to reach rural / small town / low-income consumers. We are currently working include Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Delhi, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Orissa, Rajasthan, etc.