Employee Connect :

The corporates need to create a space for their employees to be associated and connect with various CSR programs of the company which creates a self of belonging and most important of having helped the under privileged communities with their time, energy and most important in Being There as a helping hand, and hence we shall see a continued growth in employee-engagement programs.

If the economy continues to falter, we will see more corporations supporting NGOs and nonprofits via employee volunteer programs, rather than just writing checks.

A recent sustainability study by Green Research found that 80% of major corporations are planning to invest significantly in employee engagement in 2012. According to Gallup, 86% of engaged employees say they very often feel happy at work, compared to 11% of the disengaged. Additionally, companies with highest levels of employee engagement saw increases in their bottom line: On average they improved 19.2% in operating income, while companies with lower levels declined 32.7% (Towers Watson). Engaged organizations also grew profits as much as three times faster than their competitors. The Corporate Leadership Council reports that highly engaged organizations have the potential to reduce staff turnover by 87% and improve performance by 20%.

Samabhavana can help such corporates create a employee connect initiative with various NGOs across India
Cause Marketing :

Cause-marketing programs will multiply. These programs are created when a for-profit and nonprofit partner to drive revenues, exposure, and fundraising money to the non-profit's cause.

Why will these programs continue to appeal to corporations this year? Cause-marketing provides businesses with legitimacy, along with a partner that has issue expertise. If done authentically, such programs can enhance a firm's reputation in the eyes of stakeholders, leading to public good, the viral sharing of information and potentially increased revenues. Marketing experts agree. According to a PRWeek/Barkely PR Cause Survey in 2010, two-thirds of brands now engage in cause marketing, up from 58% in 2009. The same survey found that 97% of marketing executives believe this to be a valid business strategy.

The important case study in India can be the TATA TEA campaign of Jago re which had a campaign on domestic violence, child labour BUT it was not associated with an NGO that could actually provide the impact assessment, where as second case study Proctor and Gamble are giving away certain percentage of their sales towards the Shiksha program

If the corporates choose their many such brands that can be associated with cause marketing including tobacco and liquor companies that could take up many such sensitive issues

Samabhavana can support many such corporates in developing and connecting with key issues of societal problems and develop a long term campaign and also provide statistical data of impact assessment of such supports and campaigns
Board Level Involvement:

Many corporates are conducting CSR activities but ONLY within their impact areas and it is imperative for corporates to broaden their area of social responsibility and this can change with more involvement by developing board level policy

With regards to board oversight in CSR, the informed investor evaluates risk, return potential and financial performance while incorporating environmental, social and governance into his/her analysis

Additionally, smarter consumers now have online tools (www.karmayog.org, www.csrmonitor.in www.indiacsr.in, and more) to help them interact directly with organizations, track corporate practices, and share their demands in real-time with marketers. Those companies and nonprofits that invest in engaging with such consumers will reap benefits.

Also 2012 onwards we will see some CSR issues that became part of the mainstream conversation then twenty years ago, CSR was limited to corporate philanthropy and for some businesses, the adherence to environmental legislation. What we see today is a far more complex picture and an ever-widening stakeholder universe; within the next few years, CSR will be a requirement for all organizations and will positively affect their bottom lines.

Samabhavana is in position to help develop CSR policies for Corporates that projects a Comprehensive CSR strategy