Art & Culture


Art & Culture is often intended to appeal to and connect with human emotion. It can arouse aesthetic or moral feelings, and can be understood as a way of communicating these feelings. Art & Culture will explore what is commonly termed as the Human Condition; that is, essentially what it is to be Human.

Effective art often brings about some new insight concerning the Human Condition either singly or en masse, which may not necessarily always be positive, or necessarily widens the boundaries of collective human ability, furthermore Samabhavana will harness the degree of skill possessed by an artist to affect his or her ability to trigger an emotional response to create awareness.

Samabhavana will use the Arts & Culture as a tool for raising Awareness and Advocacy within the mainstream society on taboo issues, so as to provide Social, Educational, Emotional and Vocational Rehabilitation of the discriminated, Under Privileged and Marginalized section of the society, furthermore undertaking the causes by associating the Artistic community with Corporate events (Sponsorship or CSR) to raise awareness through their star presence and giving a voice to issues that has been unexplored.

Child Protection (child sexual abuse, child exploitation, sex education, adolescent sexual abuse)

Gender equality (Female Infanticide/ Foeticide, Domestic violence of Women, elders and Men, Sexual harassment, Gender empowerment)

Sexuality (Homosexuality, Transgender, Masculinity, Feminity, Men is sex work, Women in sex work)
Human Rights and Dignity for all irrespective of age, gender and sexual preference.
Key objective being .
  Skills & Expertise.
  Youth Volunteers.
  Networking to Raise Awareness and to connect with the main stream society.
  Financial Support to the Samabhavana Initiatives.